Golden Rope

Địa chỉ: Phòng 401, Tầng 4, Tòa nhà 206 Đê La Thành nhỏ (song song Xã Đàn) - Đống Đa - Hà Nội

Website: http://goldenropestudio.com/

Điện thoại: 0936 422 168 / 0868 660 655

Giám đốc: Chử Mạnh Tuấn

Giới thiệu công ty

Today, with the explosion of digital technologies, customers increasingly have more choices for services they need. So how to choose a good service between fiercely competitive market is saturated in terms of price and quality? Please, make a time to come to us to feel the difference.

Golden Rope is a set of a professional design team with many years of experience working for the Japanese market and Europe. With the motto build trust with customers, Golden Rope always focuses the utmost in quality products to meet every customer’s request, performs the work according to plan, sets out to ensure compliance progress. The design team of Golden Rope constantly learns to improve their skills while catching up the trend of the design world. Spending much passionateness and time on each product with the motto each product is a work of art. Always working with a spirit of enthusiasm, passion, the design team of Golden Rope wishes to create more products with high art in order to create sustainable value.